An email was sent to all Consultants on March 2 with links and information about two L’BRI LIVE regional events:

March 24 – L’BRI LIVE South Carolina

May 12 – L’BRI LIVE Michigan

If you are in the area or know people in the area, make sure they come to this fun event and learn more about why L’BRI aloe-based skin care is effective for soft, healthy skin. They’ll also learn makeup tips that they can use right away and guests will leave with a FREE gift – just for coming.

You can share the email, or send potential attendees the link to our corporate Facebook page where they’ll find both events. If they would like to attend either event they would still need to register using the online registration forms for either event.

More information is available by using the links above. If you have any questions about the L’BRI live events, you can contact us at