Look who’s earned the shoes! Congratulations to everybody who has been ZAPPED by sponsoring success!

For each new Consultant that you sponsor between Feb. 1 and April 30, who sells $500 or more in their first 45 days – you earn a $50 Zappos gift card! Cards are awarded as they are earned. Congratulations again to everybody who has earned Zappos already. Who will be next? We’ll keep sharing on Facebook and recognize you here.

(corrected 3-16-18 9 a.m. – Originally posted names of new Consultants instead of their sponsors. We apologize for the error.)

Earned as of Feb. 18
Kristen Hardy
Kay Reppen
Carly Von Bank
Melissa Wiebelhaus

Earned as of Feb. 22
Cindy Beishir
Tara Bruckner
Shirley Bruner
Heidi Hanke
Amber Juslen (x2)
Courtney Kempfert
Tamra Martin
Mary McKay
Mandie Menzer
Lisa Nolan
Jennifer Scheidt
Melissa Skarban

Earned as of March 1
Rita Buhr
Haylie Cobb
Char Grover
Heidi Hanke (x2)
Amber Juslen
Rachael Last
Kari Logterman
Ruth Luebker
Tamra Martin
Julia Ross
Emily Silva
Jan Smith
Mary Staiger
Andrea Talmage
Lisa Taylor
Tiffany Vernon
Melissa Yoder

Earned as of March 7
Laurie Atwater
Shawna Bellomy
Haylie Cobb
Krista Davis
Heidi Hanke
Cynthia Koester
Mandie Menzer
Tania Meyer
Kristi Moch (x2)
Michelle Morton
Laura Nicolaisen
Jessica Ryan
Jennifer Scheidt
Sophie Simms
Lori Stone
Julie Talford
Casie Tighe

Earned as of March 15
Shawna Bellomy
Michele Biagini
Glenda Brooks
Haylie Cobb
Monique Grosz
Peggy Hammen-Schuller (x2)
Katelyn Hoetschl
Judy Johnson
Audrey Konkel
Gina LaGalbo
Judy Laurin
Kari Logterman
Tamra Martin (x2)
Jennifer Piala
Denise Sharff
Lisa Taylor
Bridget Voge
Amanda Ziegel