Senior Executive Manager Lynda Alexander covers a lot of distance and loves that her brand-new Nissan Rogue gets great gas mileage. But she really loves that the car payment is paid for by L’BRI. She held her car celebration in sunny Florida with members of her team and special guest Linda Kaminski. “I was thrilled that I was able to spend time with Linda,” Lynda said. “As a ‘newbie’ to L’BRI, I learn so much every time I talk with her. Also, it was special to have some of my team there. We even had some of my far-away team members join us through Facebook.”

Lynda knows how important it was for her team to visualize what they can accomplish themselves. “By me accomplishing this milestone, it shows my team members that they can do it too.  I want to always lead the way for them; never managing, but leading. Celebrating successes big and small are powerful for a team as it grows. I love that L’BRI makes the earning of a car so special.”

What advice would Lynda give to someone who is just starting with L’BRI? “Never doubt that you can drive a free car. Always remember: It takes the dream, the goal, and the activity to support the dream,” she said. Lynda encouraged others to connect with their upline, develop a game plan and put a deadline in place. “Why wait? You are showing yourself, your family, and your team that everything is possible. That you are possible! How incredible and life-changing would it be for your family to NOT have a car payment while driving a brand-new car?”

It’s clear to see how much Lynda values her team and the important moments they spend together. “I just want to say how grateful I am to my team.  All career promotions and car celebrations are team efforts. I am so thankful for Linda and Brian for the dreams they pursued and sacrifices they made so we could experience life at its fullest.”