In addition to the new shopping cart for FREE Samples, there have been a couple of minor changes made to  L’BRI website. The “Shop Now/Login” link has been changed to say simply “Shop” and the search function has been removed from the main site. Searches can be performed in the Shopping Cart due to the increased amount of product information that is available for each product.

Consultants who joined L’BRI prior to May 7, 2017: is the current format for your personal website. They no longer use the old format:

Please remember to update your business cards, Facebook pages and electronic signatures with your new website address. After June 2018, customers will no longer be automatically redirected to the new URL and will be alerted that the link they used has changed. From there, they can click to be redirected to the new website address. Remind your long-time customers to update any old bookmarks they may have with your old website address.

If you have any questions about the format change, please contact