Sandra Galaszewski’s car celebration

Congratulations to Executive Manager Sandra Galaszewski who has the drive to succeed! She celebrated with her team and Elite Executive Manager Maria Burgos Woods last month and is loving her new brand-new Nissan paid for by L’BRI!

She said she chose the Nissan Sentra because she wanted to take the opportunity to save some of the car payment money every month.  “Our kids are little so our van is best for the majority of our driving.  My husband LOVES having the new car to drive and I LOVE having the new car to drive to my Shows.”

Car celebrations are meant to be fun and Sandra’s was no exception! “The car celebration was better than I could have imagined.  Despite the snowy road conditions, the room was full of my family, friends, consultants, and customers near and dear to my heart. We heard great testimonials and laughed a lot.”

Sandra’s advice to new Consultants is to be persistent. She says, “If you want it bad enough, you will get it.  You must be fierce in the pursuit of your goals.  You have to be resilient when life throws you curve balls that threaten to get in the way of your goals.  Under no circumstance can you ever, ever stop believing in yourself.”