Congratulations to these L’BRI leaders who have already earned the L’BRI Ultimate Rolling Organizer during our Roll Up a Rank Incentive.

All Consultants have the opportunity to earn the Rolling Organizer when you promote to Supervisor, Manager, or Executive Manager on or before May 1.

For more information on this promotion, you can view this flyer which is also available in your Business Center | MONTHLY SPECIALS & PROMOTIONS | Roll Up Rank | Roll Up Rank Flyer

Sarah Alvarez Kelly Harris RoseMary O’Malley
Heather Balsamo Anita Horkan Jennifer Ozman
Kristi Bares Sandy Hubbard Kathy Pauls
Tori Bishop Jamie Jameson Mindy Rose-Bluhm
Angie Cawley Liz Kaczmarek Missy Saline-Tyler
Vanessa Collicott Teri King Rachelle Smith
Savanna Cordova Kelley Kuphall Jennifer Sonnenberg
Kaila DeGroot Kristy Lauzon Mary Kay Stiles
Amber Duncan Angie Levin Katelyn Swanson
Sara Erbe Sabrina Marx Charity Tchida
JoAnn Evans Mary Monroe Sandi Tompkins
Antoinette Fraeyman Kim Nachtigal Melissa Tront
Stacie Gander Kathy Nellessen