If you are a new Consultant, we hope you’re taking some time to get familiar with your Business Center resources and the Learning Center. You’ll find a wealth of information to help you learn more about the tools available to you as well as extensive product information and promotional resources.

If you’re an established Consultant or L’BRI leader, these resources are helpful for you when helping new Consultants learn more about these important tools! 

Fast Start in 50! Graph

For those who are in their first 50 days, you’ll want to learn more about the Fast Start in 50. A new resource in the Business Center will show you how to read the Fast Start in 50! graph in your Business Center.

You can find this new resource in your Business Center | Resources | NEW CONSULTANT PROGRAMS | Fast Start in 50! | Fast Start in 50! Graph

Sample Set Contents

One of the best ways to introduce new people to a complete L’BRI skin care program is through our Sample Sets. If you’re not sure which samples are in a set, you can use this new handy reference guide to see the many different sample sets and which samples and literature are included. New Consultants can sent out 5 sample sets in their first 50 days for FREE! Samples can also be shared from our Sampling Made Easy program, or purchased when placing a Consultant order.

You can find this new resource in your Learning Center | Sample with Sizzle | Sample Set Contents