Congratulations to these Consultants who are embracing leadership and all of the great benefits that come with being a L’BRI leader: Increased commission, deeper discount and a cash bonus when you reach the next level! Plus, you can personally see the difference L’BRI can make when you share the opportunity. 

Congratulations to all!  

New Executive Manager
Crystal Gonzales-Miller

New Supervisor
Connie Barnum

New Senior Consultants
Kristen Kimery
Melissa Schumacher





NEW Executive Manager – Illinois
Crystal Gonzales-Miller

Congratulations Crystal!






NEW Supervisor – Nebraska
Connie Barnum

I was on the search for better skin care after I had been disappointed yet again by another line. I knew what it was NOT doing for me, and had resorted to using harsh ways of cleansing/exfoliating my skin.

I met my sponsor via a virtual vendor event, and noticed that she was promoting an aloe-based skin care line. I knew that aloe vera was an excellent healer – we got to talking. I had no doubts about it and jumped in wholeheartedly! Not only was the skin care great for my skin, the benefits of being a Consultant were a major bonus!

 Becoming a Consultant was the best decision I have ever made! My skin is beautiful! I can work at my own pace! I love the goals we can set for ourselves. The team support is AMAZING! Not only from our own team members, but also from other Consultants throughout the company!

When my Executive Manager told me what I needed to achieve to reach Supervisor, I was amazed at how easy it was to achieve! I love my team members and how we all have so much in common, the support and share of the love of L’BRI, along with their positivity and uplifting vibes, we can succeed at what we put our mind to!

I am looking forward to helping more people with their skin issues and to helping them love their skin and to build their confidence, and self-esteem!  I am looking forward to continuing to grow with L’BRI and am truly thankful for the wonderful opportunities this company has given me!

Congratulations Connie!





To be recognized as a Senior Consultant you must have two personally sponsored qualified Consultants and $1,500 or more in total retail sales volume.

Kristen Kimery

Melissa Schumacher