Congratulations to our most recent Gold Pin Earners!

Share a round of applause for Consultants who complete the steps for a successful start to their L’BRI Journey. They have earned a gold aloe pin as a symbol of their commitment to their business and their dreams.

Sarah Anderson
Samantha Anderson
Marsha Bauer
Tara Beates
Sandy Becerra
Tammy Bernier
Amanda Black
Arlene Breitweser
Tana Carey
Kristine Case
Suzanne Clark
Lisa Declercque
Angie Drlik
Susie Effertz
Cindy Finch
Amanda Glover

Mary Grenier
Kimberly Henry
Kimberly Henry
Jeannie Hoag
Jean Isken
Michele Jockish
Bradley Knauer
Erica Krecklau
Esther Kreif
Sherry Kreis
Barbara Langston
Sarah Lindholm
Janet McMehan
Gretchen Miller
Hailey Mohn
Barbara Mondeik

Lynn Noel
Cimanna Noland
Tonya Olson
Jacquelyn Poku
Beth Rindt
Karen Roedel
Angela Rothman
Karen Sanders
Sherri Seem
Joyce Shelton
Noelle Summit
Nancy Sustersic
Katie Uecker
Alison Waltz
Shala Wilson-Young
April Wolfe

When you complete the steps in the guide that arrived in your Starter Kit, you can earn a gold aloe pin that you can wear proudly.

New Consultants are encouraged to complete these steps in order to get the best start in their new business. You can check out the online version in the Learning Center when you click on New Consultants Start Here.