Congratulations to these Consultants who are embracing leadership and all of the great benefits that come with being a L’BRI leader: Increased commission, deeper discount and a cash bonus when you reach the next level! Plus, you can personally see the difference L’BRI can make when you share the opportunity. 

Congratulations to all!  

New Supervisors
Silvia Davis
Nikki Kanner
Heather Knauer
Kelley Marturano
Jacqueline McDonnell
Molly Milewski
Heather Wallace

New Senior Consultants
Kelly Graner
Laurie Miller



NEW Supervisor – Georgia
Silvia Davis

I am a singer-songwriter and professional musician. My husband and I are an Americana/Folk duo known as the Trailer Hippies.

I was introduced to L’BRI when my sister invited me to an online party. I received my first order and was super impressed with everything, but the sample of the Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel immediately caught my attention. have tried many skin care brands and cosmetics, but was always left underwhelmed with the results. I decided to book my first party and I ended up earning more than $300 in L’BRI credits. I ordered the Fade Away cream to use on the deep redness on my neck and chest. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, because nothing I had ever tried before made any difference.

Boy, was I surprised to see a significant reduction of redness after only 3 days!! That was it, I was ready to sign on. I couldn’t wait to share my new discovery with everyone. I am still just as excited today as I was a year ago. I am a L’BRI girl for life and it is my intention to become a strong leader in this truly amazing company. I am so grateful to have discovered the life-changing power of aloe-based self-care and the life-changing opportunity L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL offers. I have grown personally in my self-confidence and the future is looking brighter. I am so glad I said “yes.”

Congratulations Sylvia!

NEW Supervisor – New York

I am a single mom from New York state with a beautiful 16-year-old daughter named Olivia. I work full-time for my family business as their Executive Administrator for more than 26 years. I absolutely love having my side business for all the extras in my life.

I’ve been in the direct selling biz for over 16 years and I am so passionate about it. I love being able to offer amazing products with unbeatable hostess rewards, plus an amazing opportunity to for others to make extra income. I can change anyone’s life, how amazing is that?!

I was invited to a L’BRI home party that I went to at my friend’s house. I was able to try the product and I fell in love with everything.  I signed up right away to have a party, I was so excited for the hostess rewards that I couldn’t wait! I’m a party girl!

Then I started looking into the opportunity, I’m an entrepreneur in my heart so I always check out the opportunity and the income possibilities! What I saw was a huge opportunity with L’BRI and I instantly fell in love with the possibility.

I love being able to challenge myself, work my own hours, build a team, make connections and new friends all the time while working my business. I am planning on continuing to grow and offer the amazing opportunity with L’BRI and see where it leads me! I know 100% I am a customer for life with L’BRI! The products work and I feel like I am aging backwards!

Congratulations Nikki!

NEW Supervisor – Colorado
Heather Knauer

I am so excited to continue on my personal journey with L’Bri!

I have many years experience in the fashion industry and the personal image/makeup/skin care industry as well as direct sales of all kinds. I joined L’Bri because the products are some of the best I have ever used. Both the company AND the people are top-notch. I am honored to have earned an expenses-paid trip to Cabo San Lucas in my first year. This company values its Consultants and it shows.

I love helping people – whether it be helping them in my volunteer work, helping customers solve a skin care problem, or helping them with a “side-hustle” that can have a real impact on their financial future. So far, the journey has been gratifying and I look forward to helping many more people improve their lives through L’BRI.  Executive Manager (and Cabo San Lucas) here I come!

Congratulations Heather!

NEW Supervisor – Illinois
Kelley Marturano

Congratulations Kelley!

NEW Supervisor – Michigan
Jacqueline McDonnell

I’m married with two sons, two daughters-in-law and soon-to-be four grandbabies. I work full-time and absolutely enjoy life.

I love packing up the car and taking roadtrips with my husband. We usually head toward the ocean which is 13 hours away.

I joined L’BRI when my Executive Manager, Liz Kaczmarek messaged me about the sign-up special two years ago. I believe I had tried samples prior to that but wasn’t consistent with using them.

I truly enjoy helping others feel confident in themselves by educating them on their skincare. I also enjoy the extra income that allows me to feed my purse habit

My goal is to become an Executive Manager and to travel to exotic places with L’BRI. I would also like to retire with L’BRI income.

Congratulations Jacqueline!

NEW Supervisor Michigan
Molly Milewski

I have always struggled to find products that work for my skin. L’BRI has given me my confidence back and great skin! When you have products that actually work it’s easy to share them with everyone you meet.

Congratulations Molly!

NEW Supervisor – Wisconsin
Heather Wallace – DOUBLE PROMOTED!

Congratulations Heather!





To be recognized as a Senior Consultant you must have two personally sponsored qualified Consultants and $1,500 or more in total retail sales volume.

Kelly Graner

Laurie Miller