Check those addresses!

Package tracking is great, but address accuracy and recognition by the post office are both important factors for a quick delivery and help avoid needless delays or disappointment.

The address validation tool makes it easy to ensure the address on file for a customer is valid and recognized by the USPS for delivery.  This includes PO Boxes used by customers who may not have a deliverable street address.

This tool may suggest an apartment number if it’s missing or suggest updates to a street address.  It’s a good idea to use these suggestions because, in some cases, if an address is not recognized by the Post Office, the package may be returned or delivery not attempted.

Helpful hints for “good” addresses:

Remove all punctuation (periods or commas) within the address field

Close the spaces in long addresses. For example, N1234 W567 Main St., Apt. 1 would be corrected to read N1234W567 Main St Apt 1

Complete customer information needed

When you set up a new customer account, please make sure to collect as much accurate information as possible. This helps us connect with the customer if there’s an issue related to their order or account.

Check emails for accuracy too

Every month, L’BRI sends emails to your customers to inform them of sales or special events. From time to time you may want to check the email addresses of your customers to make sure they are valid, working email addresses. Make sure that it includes the full address and does not include typos, such as or @yahoo.con.

For customers without emails

Although it’s rare, if the customer does not have a valid email address, you can use the following format for their L’BRI account: The numerals represent the last four digits of their telephone number. They can use this to login to the website, but they will not receive the automated email alerts related to their order. You can also use their customer number to create a placeholder email using the following format:

It is important that you do not use another customer or Consultant’s existing email address.

Phone numbers

A valid phone number is also important to include with your customer’s account. This is often how we reach customers we cannot reach via email.

If you have any questions about updating contact information, contact