Congratulations again to our contest winners!
As announced in the Facebook Consultant Forum, we have a lot of winners from our April Anniversary Celebrations.

Consultants with $2,000 or more in personal volume were eligible to win. Our GRAND PRIZE winners were:
Beth Thierfelder – $250 restaurant gift card
Mandie Menzer – $500 Apple gift card
Charity Tchida – $750 Best Buy gift card
Amanda Wiebelhaus – $1,000 Southwest Airlines gift

Twenty lucky Consultants were awarded a $100 L’BRI placed on their account for future shopping. Congratulations again to these Consultants.

Tara Bruckner
Shirley Bruner
Ginger Clark
Dana Evers
Molly Gardner
Sherry Henry Johnson
Laura Klingelhoets
Michelle Kruse
Tamra Ross Martin
Tania Meyer
Sarah Wood-Oberneder
Gina Horton O’Sullivan
Jennifer Piala
Cheryl Rasnick
Bonnie Robinson
Teresa Rosiere-Martin
Natalie Schultz
Rachael Schwandt
Sophie Simms
Susan Windsor

And…here are the names of those Consultants whose hostesses have won a prize from our Hostess drawing.

L’BRI Hostesses always win big with generous Hostess rewards, but in April these five lucky Hostesses earned even more! Congratulations to these Consultants whose Hostesses are winners of our 20th Anniversary Grand Prize Giveaway. They each earned a $500 Gift card! Chris Mueller’s Hostess, Barb Chervenka, won a Zappos Gift Card. Kathleen Marshall’s Hostess, Stephanie Vetense, won a Brighton Gift Card. Ingrid Hinkler’s Hostess, Meg Schneider, won a Macy’s Gift Card. Amber Juslen’s Hostess, Laurie Bongers, won a Best Buy Gift Card. Lisa Lee’s Hostess, Lori Borchers, won a Southwest Airlines Gift Card.

April was a great month to be a L’BRI Hostess. Congratulations again to these Consultants whose Hostesses are winners of a $100 L’BRI Credit from our 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Jodi Keller(Ana Rysavy)
April Del Angel-Potter (Andrea Hopka)
Michelle Bogdonas (Stephanie Cammelot)
Kari Logterman (Danette Affolter)
Patricia L Kusters Koniecki (Patty Whalen)
Annie Shultz (Jessica Getter)
Kelly Kjell (Julie Carlson)
Haylie Cobb(Kendra Comps)
Charity Tchida (Heather Marshall)
Michelle Christensen(Jeanne Woulf)
Mary McGlone (Sally Christensen)
Sabrina Waswo (Janeen Mehring)
Linda Alfonso (Jessica Attoumo)
Jackie Werch Curtis (Marissa Kiefer)
Wendy Reiss (Alyssa Lenss)
Kelli Hegstrom (Jenny Mayer)
Amy Nicolas Black (Laura Walls)
Mary Broyles (Sherry Wightman)
Ellen Parson(Susan Froemming)
Hannah Rose Welch LeFevre (Grace Welch)
Christina Austin (Nicole Rios)