Changes to websites and Business Center

You will soon see changes to your personal website and Business Center. These changes are being made to help simplify the online experience for you and your customers.

Beginning immediately, the login for your Business Center will now be at the bottom of your home page. This will make it easier for your customers to locate their login and also maintain the convenience of access for you from your home page.

Main menus on your personal website – Today, May 16

Since the launch of our new shopping cart last year, more product information is now available than ever in the cart. It’s easy to browse by category or use the search function to find the product. It is also possible to view the shopping cart before logging in to place an order. And, all this can be done on a mobile device!

Because of these upgrades to our shopping experience, we now have the opportunity to simplify the navigation on the website and make it easier for customers to locate the information they need in the cart. Beginning this week (May 16) you’ll see a simplified menu. For example, instead of “Host a Show” the menu will say “Host.” Instead of “Opportunity” it will say “Join”. You’ll also see that the Catalog link is now on the main menu to make it easier access to the online catalog.

Business Center makeover – May 22

You will love the clean, bright look of your new Business Center! This change is part of a system-wide upgrade. The new Business Center site will be easier to read and navigate using the icons at the top or the search function. Some of the items on the left-hand Library menu will be now only be accessible through the buttons on the home page, including Home Office Contacts, L’BRI University, and the Learning Center.

Credit Issue Date added to L’BRI Credit Report – now available
The L’BRI credit report now has a new column that shows the “credit issue date.” This date will let you know how long a customer has been able to use their L’BRI credit. To access this information, go to the Business tab, choose “L’BRI Credit” on the left-hand menu and then view the information in the report.

Website redirect ending – June 19

Beginning in June, Consultant websites will no longer redirect from the old web addresses/URLs. Customers using bookmarks that are more than a year old will be redirected to a page that will inform them of the new URL, but will require them to click on the link to go to the new URL.

Old structure (prior to May 9, 2017): – will no longer redirect to current URL

Current structure: yourwebsitename – no redirect needed, no action required


If you have any questions about the changes coming to your L’BRI online resources or have feedback about the changes, please contact