Congratulations Lisa! Read her promotion story and check out the other newly promoted Consultants.

I had always heard the saying, “Help people get what they want and you will get what you want.” But this is such a different model than corporate America, right? Well, this saying is definitely true when it comes to L’BRI! L’BRI teaches us that this business is “not about ourselves” as much as it is about sharing these amazing aloe-based, hydrophilic skin care products and the life-changing income opportunity with people! So, when you are helping others achieve their goals and dreams, BAM, you even forget that you achieved yours! This has been my experience with my L’BRI journey to Sr. Executive Manager.

About two years ago, I attended L’BRI Leadership Insight and Linda Kaminski talked about “casting a vision.” My eyes probably got as big as saucers as I thought to myself, “Huh?  What is that?”  L’BRI had helped me to set personal goals and to start dreaming, but how do I “cast a vision” for myself and my team? Well, that day I decided to jump right in and do something I had never done before.  I began to “cast a vision” for my team.  Where did I see my team in one year?  What would my team look like?

My vision was to grow leaders and promote leaders so that the reality of what the L’BRI Income Opportunity can do for them becomes THEIR vision!  I started by declaring this specific vision to my team as well as to others. I set out to do whatever I could to help my team members promote to Executive Manager. I began to “implant belief” in them, as well as instill this Vision into their hearts and minds. I began working with those team members that were hungry for personal growth and were beginning to believe that they too could achieve the Executive Manager level.

Kari Logterman had promoted to Executive Manager in 2016, even before I knew what “casting a vision” was. Kari has so many natural abilities, and I am so proud of all that she has done with her growing team!

And now, just a little over two years after “casting that vision,” Shawna Bellomy from Oklahoma, promoted to Executive Manager May 1! I am beyond thrilled for Shawna and her team! Shawna caught the vision and ran with it! This is where true JOY flows!

I am so thankful those that planted that vision in my heart and mind. A special thank you to Lori Fandrey and Samantha Anderson, for believing in me and casting the vision before I truly believed it myself. And a big thank you to Lin Ragle, who is such an amazing mentor and trainer, and cheerleader! And of course, a HUGE thank you to Linda and Brian, for casting the very first vision! I want to “carry on” what you have started, because I am living proof of this: when you focus on helping others achieve what they dream about, your dreams come true too!