Look who’s earned the shoes! Congratulations to everybody who has been ZAPPED by sponsoring success!

For each new Consultant that you sponsored between Feb. 1 and April 30, who sells $500 or more in their first 45 days – you earn a $50 Zappos gift card! Cards are awarded as they are earned. Congratulations again to everybody who has earned Zappos already. There’s still time to keep your new Consultants on track and walking toward success!

Earned as of April 20
Bridget Bowers
Shirley Bruner
Mandie Menzer
Sue Nelson
Dana Syring
Beth Thierfelder

Earned as of April 27
Laurie Atwater
Kristi Bares
Shirley Bruner
Maria Burgos-Woods
Rebecca Collinson
Tara Crawford
Amber Juslen
Ruth Luebker
Tania Meyer
Sue Nelson
Gina O’Sullivan
Alicia Skinner
Brian Steinke

Earned as of May 4
Erin Ashcraft
Jodee Brown
Melinda Crawford
Maria Herman
Tamara Lammers
Ruth Luebker
Kelly Mitchell
Gina O’Sullivan
Jennifer Piala
Kathy Roen
Kristin Rogers
Sophie Simms
Lisa Taylor
Charity Tchida (x2)
Sally Walmer
Melissa Yoder

Earned as of May 11
Samantha Anderson
Erin Bunge
Misty Claflin
Jackie Curtis
Kimberly Dahlgren
Diane Evert
Julia Hall
Jo Ruth Hancock
Jamie Heraver
Katelyn Hoetschl
Mandie Menzer
Cindy Rohde
Vail Stephens (x2)