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The following updates have been shared in the Business Center News feed. Additional updates will be posted there when out of stock items are available or if adjustments are needed for a particular item. If you have any questions on a particular item, please contact us at

Improved shampoo formula available soon

We recently decided to make a small change to our shampoo. The formula was adjusted to be even more gentle with a coconut-derived cleanser as one of the key ingredients. The new formula is lighter and rinses easily from your hair.  This updated and improved shampoo will soon begin shipping in orders placed on or after May 12.  We all love it and think you will too!

Facial Masque backorder/packaging update

Our flash sale on Facial Masque was a huge success! And that has led to a temporary backorder situation we anticipate will be resolved by the end of the month. Orders placed May 13 or later will be sent the Facial Masque when our next shipment arrives.

We are addressing the immediate shortage with a supply that utilizes a change in packaging. Due to the unavailability of our usual Facial Masque cap, we will be temporarily changing to a different cap that also works with this unique formula. We anticipate that orders placed on May 11 or later will receive the temporary packaging. Customers will receive a postcard with instructions to contact our Customer Care team if they would like us to ship them our standard cap when they become available.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to restock this popular item. An update will be posted with information about packaging and product availability.

Gentle Freshener pump

Due to a temporary shortage, our Gentle Freshener bottles have been shipping without a pump. If your customer would like a pump for their bottle, they will need to contact us and we will send one to them when they become available. These instructions have been included with any orders shipped without pumps. If you or your customers have any questions, they can contact us.

Cucumber hand soap unavailable

Due to an unprecedented demand, we have sold out of our Cucumber Daily Cleansing Liquid Hand Soap and are working to restock this immensely popular product. Because we do not have an estimated delivery date, this item is not currently available for backorder. We appreciate your understanding and will post an update when we have more information.

Sample availability

The following samples and listed item numbers are currently unavailable as of May 15, 2020. We will post an update when they are available again for Consultants to order.

Hand & Body Lotion – Cucumber

SP2002 10 PK

$65+ Free Sample


Body Butter – Mandarin Fig

SP2127 10PK

9329 Travel

9329C Consultant Sample Set

Sampling Made Easy – single packet


We are working to keep our inventory of samples stocked, but will continue to adjust availability based on our current supply. Some items may need to be removed as a choice in the following locations: Free gift option for purchases of $65 or more, 10 packs for Consultant purchase or as an option in the Sampling Made Easy program. We anticipate additional samples may be affected in the future and will post updates to the availability of these samples in the news feed in the Business Center. Please contact if you have any questions about a specific sample or product.