Congratulations to our most recent L’BRI University graduates!

Let’s give a round of applause to those graduates who have completed their certification in L’BRI University  during the past month.

Join their ranks and become a Certified Skin Care Specialist with a certificate you can print. Show everyone your successful endeavor along with a gold name badge, for newly certified Consultants.

You’ll find a link to L’BRI University on the main menu of the Learning Center.  Or, click on the links provided here and get started now! 

Taryn Anderson
Megan Ashcraft
Kimberly Baker
Donna Barnes
Cori Bates
Karla Beckley
Belinda Bell
Sarah Berglund
Megan Bertsch
Jacqueline Bridgewater
Margie Burns
Sara Cabana
Angela Caddy
Kathleen Clardy
Rebecca Coffey
Kathy Faber
Jennifer Feeney
Darcy Fjosne
Abigail Fox
Courtney Funk
Amanda Gilbert

Darlene Good
Julie Gulland
Kayla Hartzel
Cheryl Hayward
Ingrid Hinkler
Rebecka Holecheck
Lisa Huseynov
Allyson Jeanty
Dusty Jenkins
Kaley Jorgensen
Amy Kaczmarczyk
Lizbeth Kall
Christine Kendel
Jodi Krueger
Corie Kruse
Sandi Lee
Amy LeFevre
Breanna Lutz
Jessica Maxwell
Amy McClellan
Cindee McGillis

Christy McLeroy
Elizabeth McPhall
Katie Nelson
Rachel Paulson
Kaye Pederson
Terry Potter
Jennifer Price
Rebecca Ramsey
Ashley Reeves
Amy Riley
Mayra Rivas
Wendy Robert
Greta Schofield
Marybeth Schroeder
Susan Slysz
Sherri Smith
Stefanie Spinn
Emily Springer
Antoinette Stikl
Katherine Watters
Kristin Wilson
Paula Young