Promotion Bonuses

L’BRI provides a cash bonus for Consultants when they promote to Senior Consultant or higher. It’s just one of the perks of being a L’BRI leader! 

This month, these Consultants earned 50% MORE because they accepted our challenge to Lead the Way!

Elite Executive Manager – $6,000 Cash Bonus

Amber Juslen


Executive Manager – $1,500 Cash Bonus

Savanna Cordova
Jami Guido
Amy Moffatt


Manager – $750 Cash Bonus

Evelyn Ruppel


Supervisor – $300 Cash Bonus

Kristen Blankenship
Melissa Carroll
Rebecca Jones
Kristen Kimery
Melissa Miller

Senior Consultant – $150 Cash Bonus

Michael Bomberger
Melissa Carroll
Andrea Clark
Ann Marie Davis
Silvia Davis
Michelle Edlund
Esther Hudkins
Shelly Karolus
Toni Nieman
Chantill Roberts