The latest updates to the shopping cart will help make sure your customers are viewing all of the current offers available to them and that the address they’re using is a valid one. It also offers an attractive order summary for viewing. Watch for these changes in the customer cart!

Address validation
Each address is automatically reviewed and an alert will display if the entered address that does not match the USPS record. Ask your customers to provide any apartment or unit numbers to help with delivery!

Party reminder
Early during their shopping experience, customers will be reminded to enter the party number, or check the “I’m not shopping with a party” box. Make sure your hosts know their party number and are sharing it with their friends!

Promotion alert
If they do not select a free sample, discounted serum, or other limited offer, an alert will let them know what they might have missed.

Promotion summary
Any promotional items that are selected will be highlighted in a green “Promotion applied” box at checkout.

Partial credit option
If your customer has a credit balance, but they only want to use a portion of that balance, they can click on “only use a portion of this credit” and enter the amount. Use the Credit Report to check in with your customers who have credit to use!

Order summary with images
Once the order is nearly complete, your customer can view the items in their order and then proceed to payment.

If you have any questions about these updates or a specific order, please contact