Did you know that four of our trip earners are celebrating this accomplishment before they’ve had a chance to celebrate their 1-year anniversary with L’BRI? They’re not just going places with L’BRI, they’re going to Hawaii, in true L’BRI style! They’ll get the chance to spend time with their L’BRI peers in a tropical paradise and imagine everything that’s possible when you dream with L’BRI.

Let’s give a round of applause to our L’BRI trip earners so far. When you work your business with sales, sponsoring and Shows, it all adds up to a trip of a lifetime. Will you be joining them?

Level 3 – Trip for One, Land and Air, plus one Trip, Land Only

Kristen Hardy
Gina O’Sullivan
Lisa Taylor
Holly Menzer

Level 2 – Trip for One Land and Air
Amber Juslen
Nan Sowieja

Level 1 – Trip for One Land Only

Laurie Atwater
Sandra Lorenz
Haylie Cobb
Liz Kultgen
Gina LaGalbo
Beth Thierfelder
Peggy Hammen-Schuller
Maria Burgos-Woods
Terri (Sassy) Buman
Charity Tchida
Jodi Keller
Sue Nelson
Jenell Klovas