New way to update Monthly Web Services Fee

If you need to change the account or credit card you use to pay your Monthly Web Service Fee, you can now do it under the Orders tab and then choose “Autoship.” You can change the autoship profile for your Monthly Web Service Fee anytime you need to. The Monthly Web Services Fee form is no longer needed.

Customer Management Update

There’s a new autosave function in your Customer Management Tool that will save you time and make it easier to enter information. You no longer need to scroll and click “save” when you add or edit. The word “saved” will show up next to the last item you changed right after the change. The “Save” button is still available, but will be removed by the end of November.

Internet Explorer no longer being supported

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you might want to consider making a New Year’s resolution to find an alternate browser when visiting L’BRI sites in 2019. Our support staff will no longer be able to provide support for issues related to this browser. Please choose Chrome or Safari as your primary browser when accessing L’BRI systems.


If you have any questions about your Monthly Web Services Fee, the new autosave function in Customer Management or supported internet browsers, please contact