The popularity of our new Flawless Finish Foundation is no surprise, given how well this formula works for so many people. We’ve been hearing from everybody how much they love this new natural-looking formula more than anything else they’ve used. The availability of Flawless Finish samples has also helped many people try L’BRI foundations and discover this amazing product for themselves.

With Flawless Finish Foundation and our best-selling Perfect Finish Dual Action, we can offer the best solutions for your customers’ foundation needs.

We agree with the positive feedback on our newest formula and will be removing our Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation, Perfect Finish Oil-Free Foundation and Perfect Coverage Foundation from our next published catalog in February. At that time, these formulas will be moved into the “While Supplies Last” category of the shopping cart.

We encourage you to work with your customers to find the Flawless Finish shade that works best for them and help them discover their perfect look with L’BRI.