Social media is a fantastic way to promote your business to all of the people that you know and meet. Finding the time to create all of your own content can, at times, be a cumbersome chore. Everyone has demanding schedules and can hit creative blocks from time to time. The L’BRI Corporate social media pages regularly post updates to promote our products, which can be easily shared/regrammed/retweeted to your own business page or personal profile for self-promotion.

L’BRI also recently introduced the Media Gallery in the Learning Center. The Media Gallery was designed with our Consultants in mind, to offer up a convenient home for promotional material. It is home to tons of creative graphics and images that you can use to promote your business, and it is updated monthly with new material available for download.

We absolutely LOVE seeing all of our Consultants’ enthusiasm through the comments left on our social media posts! It is an incredible way to demonstrate your love for our product, and we thoroughly enjoy engaging with all of you.

When engaging with L’BRI corporate social media pages, please note that many of our social followers are already familiar with our products and are already connected with a consultant. Our amazing customer service team will gladly help any followers who are new to our skin care and/or are looking to be connected with a Consultant. That said, it is considered poor practice to share your personal website link or to offer to become someone’s Consultant through a comment on a L’BRI corporate social media post. When this does happen, our L’BRI corporate administrators will remove your comment and/or post.

We’d like to thank ALL of our Consultants for your continued desire to share L’BRI with everyone you know! Each and every one of you are important to us and we want to help you succeed however we can. Don’t hesitate to share our communications to your own social profiles and make use of the many creative assets (that are specifically designed for each individual social media platform!) in the new Media Gallery.