Linda’s been hard at work developing a series of videos that will enhance the introduction of new customers to L’BRI products. With Linda as their guide, new customers will learn how to get the best results from their new purchase and hear more about what makes L’BRI special. She’ll also invite them to host a party so they can get more L’BRI! And, for those customers who purchased a trio or a set, a series of four videos will automatically arrive every couple of weeks with tips from Linda to help keep them on track. 

There’s nothing to set up – these emails will be sent by L’BRI automatically. We do, however, encourage all Consultants to take a few minutes to watch these new videos and incorporate Linda’s tips and information into your personal follow-up efforts. Your personal touch and commitment to customer service will work together with these videos to ensure that our L’BRI customers are 100% satisfied!  Satisfied customers become loyal customers and that’s always our goal at L’BRI.

Check out the videos!

The Best of Science and Nature

And, for customers who purchase a trio or a set: 

#1 Thanks for Trying L’BRI

#2 Skin Care Reminders

#3 The Importance of Consistency

#4 Aloe, Beautiful!