Visit your Consultant shopping cart to see the latest gifts, collectibles, organza bags and other packaging options. You can use these as hostess gifts or add a little excitement to a small gift. These business boosters are available in limited quantities, so check early for the best selection.To view the entire collection of business boosters, go to Orders | Place Consultant Order | Consultant Only Items | Business Booster.

9423       Foot Shaped Foot File

9427       White Exfoliating glove

9743P    Mint Green Organza Bag (10)

BB33      Chevron bag

BB46      Green Velvet Corded Drawstring Bag  (10)

BB66      Aloe Pattern Cosmetic Bag

BB67      Star Paperweight

BB68      Cream and Gold mesh bag

BB69      Small Gold Organza Bags (10)

BB71      Small Silver Organza bags (10)

BB72      Royal Blue Organza Bags with Round Bottom (10)

BB73      White Organza Bags with Round Bottom (10)

BB74      Turquoise Organza Bags with Round Bottom (10)

BB75      Red Organza Bag with Square Bottom (10)

BB76      Silver Organza Bags with Round Bottom (10)

BB77      Purple Organza Bags with Round Bottom (10)

BB78      Forest Green Tall Organza Bags (10)

BB80      Small Royal Blue Organza bags (10)

BB81      Small Turquoise Organza Bags (10)

BB82      White Organza Bags with Blue Glitter Snowflakes (10)

BB83      Small White Organza Bags with Silver Stars (12)

BB84      Tall Gold Organza Bags (10)

BB85      Dot Bag