Return policy extended to 60 days

It might not happen very often, but we do get some returns. We are updating our Customer Return policy to make it easier on customers who have a product that didn’t work out for them.  Effective November 15, our return policy extends the return period from 45 to 60 days. Another big change is that return labels will be issued to customers so now the cost of return shipping will be covered by L’BRI. To see the new policy, visit your website or review the details in the Business Center | Resources | Product Return and Replacement Procedures.


Updated policy for rejoining Consultants

Life happens, situations change and sometimes Consultants have a change of heart or a new perspective. When that happens, we want to make sure they have what they need to return to L’BRI. We’ve updated our Policies and Procedures to reflect our understanding that sometimes, you just need a little time.

Effective November 15, the time frame has changed for Consultants who have resigned, but who wish to rejoin L’BRI. Two options will be made available to them: Reinstatement or Reenrollment

Reinstatement:  Former Consultants may be reinstated as a L’BRI Consultant anytime within 6 months of their original resignation date provided that any outstanding Monthly Web Services Fees are paid.  Consultants who are reinstated, will not be considered new Consultants for purposes of incentives or programs and must be reinstated under their original sponsor or immediate upline leader.

Reenrollment:  Consultants rejoining L’BRI, after being absent for 6 months or longer, will be considered a new Consultant and will be required to purchase a new Starter Kit, and agree to all terms of the online enrollment process.

These changes have been incorporated into our newest Policies and Procedures and are available in your Business Center | Resources General Policies & Procedures | Policies and Procedures.