This year, more than ever, it’s important to plan ahead for the best chance at receiving packages in the nick of time for Christmas. We’re pleased to let you know that our shipping elves are ready to pack up your bundles and load them on to waiting delivery trucks.

For the best chance of delivery before Christmas please remember these helpful hints:

  • Don’t procrastinate, plan now, fill your calendar and make this your best selling season ever!
  • Be a holiday superstar! Remind your customers about the Dec. 15 Christmas shipping deadline.
  • Plan an online party before Dec. 15 to help customers who are last-minute shoppers.
  • Ask everyone the magic question… “Have you finished your holiday shopping?” If they say no, offer to help them with gift ideas.

By helping your customers prepare for this unconventional holiday season, you can bring happiness and healthy skin to friends and families everywhere!