Spa-tactular Sales Incentive Nov. 1-Dec. 15

An email was sent to Consultants on November 10 to let you know about the incredible Spa-tacular rewards you can earn. 

In this age of self-care, we’re all about helping you take care of your customers AND take care of YOU!
If you were following the clues, you might have a few guesses about what’s waiting for Consultants who take their business to the next level.
The wait is over – on the November 10 Learn to Earn, Laurie introduced you to THREE amazing gifts. And, you can earn all three!

LEVEL 1 – $600 in Sales

Start every morning with a fresh face and a fresh outlook on the unlimited potential of your L’BRI life!
This super-soft terry L’BRI logo headband is a daily reminder of what your L’BRI life can do for your dreams and goals. Take a moment to pause and reflect on the superstar you are!

LEVEL 2 – $1,200 in Sales

Wrap yourself in this exclusive L’BRI logo Spa Towel to remind you of the products you love for your skin, and the opportunity that helps you realize your dreams.
With $1,200 in sales, you’ll earn the headband AND this Spa Towel. Surround yourself with the feeling of success!

LEVEL 3 – $1,800 in Sales

This Mediterranean-inspired, waffle-weave L’BRI Logo Bathrobe is the perfect way to wrap yourself in luxury and soak up the scent of your favorite L’BRI body care products. Your sanctuary is waiting!
With $1,800 in sales, you’ll earn the Headband, PLUS the Spa Towel AND this luxurious bathrobe.
Every day will feel like spa-day!



Wrap up the holidays and wrap yourself in luxury

Contact your customers and fill your calendar with holiday Shows so you can plan for a new year with a growing business and in-home spa experience!
Make it your goal to reach levels 1, 2 or 3 by December 15 and look forward to surrounding yourself with spa-tacular L’BRI gifts!