Congratulations to our most recent L’BRI University graduates!

Let’s give a round of applause to those graduates who have completed their certification in L’BRI University  during the past month.

Join their ranks and become a Certified Skin Care Specialist with a certificate you can print. Show everyone your successful endeavor along with a gold name badge, for newly certified Consultants.

You’ll find a link to L’BRI University on the main menu of the Learning Center.  Or, click on the links provided here and get started now!

Kelly Beal
Mary Ann Berry
Jodi Bertschinger
Annette Bourdeaux
Michelle Cantlin
Amy Chance
Andrea Clark
Jessica Darga
Myra Dayus
Michelle DeRaad
Michelle Dowd
Kelly Ferrell
Tanya Filer
Krystalyn Furgison
Laura Gagnon
Bobbie Garrett

Jessica Goodsell
Elizabeth Hamill
Suzette Hershberger
Lorna Husband
Anita Johnson
Yna Johnson
Janet Johnson
Christine Kraemer
Dee Krueger
Wendy LaRock
Melanie Leadbetter
Donna Linkins
Reyna Lopez
Diane Lux
Kim McClellan
Lindsay Mckeough

Jennifer Mount
Shana Murray
Denise Nicholson
Christine Peaphon
Stephanie Reyes
Christine Santos
Katrina Schwandt
Kellie Siebers
Melissa Skinner
Kinda Smith
Jennifer Steffen
Beverly Stokes
Chela Treml
Bridget Wegner
Krystal Wolfe
Misty Worthington