Upgraded Party links available

Have you seen the upgraded party links that are now available in your Business Center? This system update makes it even easier for you to share party links and for your host and party guests to shop and place orders in their party. You’re going to love it!

Volumes Report is now “Unofficial Volumes”

The name of the Volumes Report has been updated to “Unofficial Volumes” to better represent the data that is available in this report.

Knowing the differences between Team Management Report and Volumes Report

The data that is available to you comes from different sources. In some cases, the information is pulled immediately, and in others, it’s based on scheduled updates to the data. When reviewing your group volume there is an important difference between these reports.

Team Management Report (recommended)

The volume displayed in the Team Management Report reflects the volume from all orders and the amount that is deducted based on the volume of returned items. This data is updated several times a day and is the most accurate summary. We use this data for determining recognition eligibility.

Volumes Total Report (not recommended)

The volume displayed in the Volumes Total Report reflects the volume from all orders but does not reflect the amount deducted following a return. If you use this report, it should only be regarded as a reference point with the understanding that the report does not show the complete data for a consultant’s total volume. Because of those differences we recommend using the Team Management report for accurate information about team volume. To help increase its timeliness, we have worked with our software vendor to provide more frequent updates to this data. Its long-term accuracy is far better than what is available through the Volumes Total Report.

Quick link for WINGS added to Business Center

Did you miss an announcement, email or recognition for yourself or a teammate? Now you can easily access the WINGS news site from the front page of the Business Center.