Congratulations to the Consultants who are getting ready to Party at the Palace! They will be joining us for the 2023 Founders’ Club Trip!

Check out the official trip site to see who has earned their place at this party and who is on their way to joining them at this exclusive getaway!

Level 4:

Jessi Aberle
Amber Juslen
Kristy Lauzon
Katelyn Swanson

Level 3:

Sarah Alvarez
JoAnn Byus
Erin Husnick
Dilles Kuehl
Corinn Martin*
Mary McKay
Amy Moffatt
Kendra Muth
Sue Nelson
Julie Talford

Level 2:

Angela Cawley
Haylie Cobb

Peggy Sue Hammen-Schuller
Jodi Keller
Liz Kultgen
Sandra Lorenz
Mandie Menzer
Maria Porn
Marlene Rogers
Sarah Rutland*
Michele Scherdin
Janet Smith
Lori Stone
Beth Thierfelder
Cynthia Trent

Level 1: 

Laurie Atwater
Shawna Bellomy
Lori Benz
Patricia Bisch-Steinke*
Nikol Blood*
Annette Bove*
Maria Burgos
Jackie Curtis
Jody DeMuth
Kristen Hardy

Maria Harvey
Katelyn Hoetschl
Heather Knauer*
Kelley Kuphall
Gina LaGalbo
Christie Martin
Joy Panizzi
Kay Reppen
Kristin Rogers
Jennifer Scheidt
Trina Stevenson*
Melinda Tuhy
Christina Wiedmeyer
Melissa Yoder

We’re looking forward to congratulating many more trip earners soon. Watch your Weekly Buzz for each weekly trip update and see who will be celebrating their success in Cabo San Lucas.

Check out all the tracking tools and make sure you’re on track to earn your place at this party.

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