Congratulations to our most recent Gold Pin Earners!

Share a round of applause for Consultants who complete the steps for a successful start to their L’BRI Journey. They have earned a gold aloe pin as a symbol of their commitment to their business and their dreams.

Susie Adams
Jossie Aleman
Geraldine Allen
Christine  Antosca
Cassandra Bailey
Brandi  Baumgart
Theresa  Bechel
Barbara Ann Burmeister
Jamie Bush
Taylor Catron
Tammy  Cavanaaugh
Ria Cole
Donna Conover
Denise Edwards
Maliesha Ellis
Vicki Ferrell
Patricia  Flickinger
Lucinda Geiswite
Suzanne Gibbons-Burgener
Amanda  Groce
Amber Hall
Rebecca  Harvalis
Christne Iparraguirre
Elizabeth Jackson
Heidi Jensen
Michelle Johnson
Amy  Kaser
Megan Keller
Michelle King

Shantelle Knott
Diane Larrabee
Teresa  Madera
Anita Maichle
Natalie Marshall
Debbie  Martin
Adriana Molina
Amanda  Peterson
Emelinda  Ramos
Tammy  Ranck
Kimberly  Reed
Shannon Rentsch
Tatjana  Richardson
Vennisse Santiago
Rebecca  Scheierl
Melissa Shahbaz
Rebecca  Showalter
Raechel Sickafoose
Gina Simmons
Kimberly  Simpson
Genevieve Sulano
Jodie Tackett
Cheryl  Thompson
Patty Tuttle
Shanda Vance
Joy  Vining
Kris Wahlers
Lucinda Weverka
Tina Wood

When you complete the steps in the guide that arrived in your Starter Kit, you can earn a gold aloe pin that you can wear proudly.

New Consultants are encouraged to complete these steps in order to get the best start in their new business. You can check out the online version in the Learning Center when you click on New Consultants Start Here.