Every other week we will send you an update with information on who is making it to Maui next spring! So far, we’ve announced our first three trip earners:  Amber Juslen, Gina O’Sullivan and Lisa Taylor.

Our next trip update will be released on Thursday, October 18. Will YOU be the next trip earner we announce? Are your goals for sales, sponsoring and Shows on track? Don’t forget, NEW Consultants who started January 1, 2018 or later need fewer points to earn the trip. As a new Consultant with just 15,000 points you could be on your way – 20,000 points and you’re there!

If you need a little inspiration or motivation, don’t forget to listen to the Make it to Maui calls posted in the Learning Center.

It’s up to you whether you can join L’BRI in person for another FABULOUS destination or if you’ll be watching the week unfold on Facebook. Don’t miss out on this tropical paradise getaway to reward you for your hard work and determination!


L’BRI Consultants are treated to a Costa Rican adventure in 2018