Did you know that marGo is just waiting to help you take care of the details of Show invitations, RSVPs and following up? Much like a personal assistant and event manager, marGo frees you up so you can focus on building a relationship with your hostesses.

If you haven’t spent time getting to know marGo, now is a great time to learn more. Don’t just jump in though. We recommend that you get started with these simple step-by-step instructions. Once you’re set up, you’ll want to check out these updates from marGo or join the Facebook group to get updates as they happen.

New holiday theme  

This year, shopping with L’BRI is as easy as it can be! With gifts for the whole family and fun gift sets, remind hostesses that a holiday shopping event is an easy way to collect and redeem LOTS of hostess rewards. With the new holiday theme from marGo, you’ll have an easy way to promote these fun and seasonal holiday Shows. You can also use the gold holiday theme – it’s up to you!


New Flip Flop Fun Theme

If you’re planning to join L’BRI in Hawaii, you’re in a tropical state of mind. The new Flip Flop Fun theme from marGo is the perfect way to share that excitement and show your hostesses how L’BRI is full of fun, opportunities, and exciting travel destinations.

Enable marGo to work for you on Facebook

If you’re ready to see how easy it is for marGo to post to your Facebook groups, you will want to view the video in the L’BRI & marGo Community Group. When you create an event in marGo, you also want to create a group in Facebook where you can post updates. Try it with your next Show to see how easy it can be!

Don’t wait! Get to work with marGo!

Building your business with these fun, attractive and powerful tools is just a few clicks away. Make sure you’re using marGo to promote your Shows and connect with hostesses and guests alike.