Make December a month to remember! 

You’ll have more time this year to take advantage of our awesome Holiday collection and aloe essentials for the holiday season.  And, we’re excited to let you know that orders placed by December 15 will arrive in time for the Christmas holiday!

This extension will help you fit in all those holiday parties, open houses, pop-up shops and events.  You’ll have more time to take those last-minute orders too! But don’t procrastinate, plan now, fill your calendar and make this your best selling season ever!

Be a holiday hero! 

  1. Remind your customers about the Dec. 15 Christmas shipping deadline.
  2. Plan a “wrap up your shopping” open house and/or online party before Dec. 15 to help customers who are last-minute shoppers.
  3. Ask everyone the magic question… “Have you finished your holiday shopping?” If they say no, offer to help them with gift ideas.