We’ve simplified the Media Gallery / Social Media Images section in the Learning Center to make it easier for you to find the images you need. When you open Social Media Images you will now see a menu of categories to choose from instead of first choosing the social platform you plan to use. (You may need to REFRESH the page to see the new format.)

Rather than providing different sizes of images for each platform, we will now be providing all images in a square format. A SQUARE format will work on ALL social platforms. This will allow you to use the same image on whatever platform you choose. As a result, we are removing the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook icon notations on each image. This will also allow us to remove duplicates which should help reduce loading time.

Rectangle images that were created specifically for Facebook will remain be available. These will be identified in the category menu with the notation: FOR FACEBOOK ONLY.

We know you will find this simpler approach easier and less time-consuming. Enjoy and happy posting!