Promotion Bonuses

L’BRI provides a cash bonus for Consultants when they promote to Senior Consultant or higher. It’s just one of the perks of being a L’BRI leader! 

Executive Manager – $1,000 Cash Bonus

Roseanna Huss


Manager – $500 Cash Bonus

Kathy Lehman
Gina Petkus


Supervisor – $200 Cash Bonus

Kimberly Badon
Chelsea Pacheco
Billie Reed
Misti Rooney
Kylee Stokey
Jackie Underhill

Senior Consultant – $100 Cash Bonus

Lindsey Abbott
Kimberly Badon
Kristen Blankenship
Keely Brown
Jodie Dolinar
Casie Dussia
Michelle Fryar
Bonnie Gradner
Lori Hirsch
Andrea Jincks
Val Johnson
Pauline Lucia
Michelle Madden
Stacy Moore
Ashley Reeves
Misti Rooney
Hannah Schultz
Katrina Seavers
Jackie Underhill