Congratulations to our most recent L’BRI University graduates!

Let’s give a round of applause to those graduates who have completed their certification in L’BRI University  during the past month.

Join their ranks and become a Certified Skin Care Specialist with a certificate you can print. Show everyone your successful endeavor along with a gold name badge, for newly certified Consultants.

You’ll find a link to L’BRI University on the main menu of the Learning Center.  Or, click on the links provided here and get started now!

Jane Antross
April Arruda
Kristen Blankenship
AmyBeth Blastick
Ilene Bleakney
Richard Brenner
Laura Brodeur
Casey Brooks
Emily Burr
Tana Buss
Michael Canty
Holly Capron
Deb Colden
Michelle Colyer
Pamela Coomes
Tristy Crislip
Lisa Cutino
Joanna Duran
Cindy Finch
Vanessa Fischer

Kelly Flanagan
Jessica Forsythe
Jill Freese
Theresa Glass
Jamie Gleason
Lori Graham
Liane Gunther
Holly Hanley
Sarah Harris
Eva Hartger
Christy Hemenway
Kerry Lea Higginbotham
Debbie Hill
Jennifer Kobylarczyk
Melissa Koeune
Jennifer Lardinois
Pauline Lucia
Kris Mayfield
K-Lynn McKibbens
Jennifer Melgosa

Cheryl Michler
Courtney Mitchell
Amy Molina
Tabatha Nunez
Christi Ormeroid
Jenny Plowman
Kaitlynn Poll
Doris Porter
Rachel Renfrow
Molly Sage
Hannah Schultz
Charla Stark
Cheryl Street
Lauren Tillema
Deborah Volar
CarolAnn Walton
Claire Washburn
Kelly Willison
Jennifer Zwecker