This amazing duo just got a little makeover! You’ll have fun sharing the tale of two prunes to show why aloe is the clear choice for our skin care products.

One prune is soaking in oil and the other is in L’BRI’s aloe vera. Oils of any kind are too heavy to penetrate the surface of our skin, yet many brands of moisturizers contain some form of oil. Oil is not moisture. See the wrinkled prune? Aloe vera is a powerful humectant which helps our skin absorb the needed moisture at the cellular level. Like all living things, water is what our skin needs and this is what sets L’BRI apart!

A set of prunes is included in the Ultimate Starter Kit. If you ordered a different Starter Kit, but would like to share the tale of two prunes, you can order them as a supply item for $2.95 using item #9013.