Keeping track of the Show numbers for booked Shows just got easier! A recent system update now displays the Show number for each booked Show associated with the original Show.

To access this view in your Business Center, click on the “Shows” tab. Next, click “View” in the Show Detail column for the Show that has Booked Shows associated with it. Then, click “View All” and the Show number for each Booked Show can be seen in parentheses next to the name of the Show host. To see this enhancement, from your Business Center click on the “Shows” tab. Click on “View” in a Show that you have bookings. Scroll down to “Upcoming Show Bookings” and click on “View All” In the “Scheduled Bookings” section, you will see your booked Shows that now list the Show ID.

Helpful tip:

Show numbers are an important piece of information for your host to know so that the orders placed by their friends are included in determining their host rewards. Make sure they know their Show number and that they should share that number with the people they invite to their party. Party guests who order online will need that number when they place their orders.

Another important item to share with your host is the Show Ordering Link. This is accessible from the Show tab menu. Simply enter the Show number and click “Get Link.” Then, copy the link(s) and share with your host or post on their behalf in a Facebook group for that Show.

If you have any questions about finding or using the Show number, contact, or check out your Business Center | Resources | Show Support.